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My Favourite Restaurants in Glasgow

Hello everyone and I hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday. So I know I've been majorly lacking in this blogging thing lately but I swear it's for a good reason. I have honestly never worked so hard in my life like I have been the past couple of months (which I will fill you in on very soon) which meant that some things had to take a back seat so that certain things pay off.

Anyways, I'm back with a lil foodie blog about my fav spots to eat out in Glasgow ... if you follow me on insta, you'll know that I eat out quite a bit so why not share more than an insta story. This will be perfect if you're yet to book a restaurant for a late Valentines/Galentines celebration, or if you just want to treat yourself out to a little meal soon.


1. Grill on the Corner

A classic and old time favourite of mine! The best thing about this restaurant is if you sign up to to become a member (for free) you get 40% off every bill if you book through their members area online. Comes in handy when you're on a budget but still wanna eat amazing food! The restaurant itself is beautiful and has fairy lights all over the windows and chandeliers inside (totally instagrammable)!!

2. Meat Bar

I was introduced to the Meat Bar as an incredible burger place (which it is!) but their steaks are also to die for. The vibe inside is fab and all the staff are so so nice! You can get so much for your money in here and you will never leave disappointed.

3. Miller and Carter

Some say it's over rated some rave over it! I personally love it but I would only go here for special occasions as it can be pricey. However, they usually have deals on every so often and I would recommend looking out for them. The steak is amazing in all honesty and so it's totally worth it.

4. The Spanish Butcher

My absolute favourite steak house, nothing can beat it. I went here for my 21st and fell in L O V E. Super expensive but worth every penny, I swear. If you're a steak lover, put this in your bucket list and go!!

If you don't eat steak very often, I recommend getting it medium-rare or medium, that's when you get the most flavour out of the meat, anything more than this just ruins the meat and it tastes crap.



1. Chaakoo Bombay Cafe (Indian)

I am OBSESSED with this place!! Apart from my boyfriend's family's indian cooking, Chaakoo is probably one of the best Indians I have eaten - it totally just hits the spot 😍 No need to even big it up, if you like Indian food, just go here. Ps, I‘ve not been here in a while so I don’t have any pics 😟

2. Nippon Kitchen (Japanese)

Better than Wagamamas any day and it's located right next to it in town. I played it safe and got Katsu curry the first time I went there and fell in love and then tried to spice it up after that. I'm pretty sure there was a time I went about 5 times in the space of 2 months, I love it that much. It's super affordable as well and you leave absolutely stuffed.

3. Chaophyra (Thai)

This restaurant is so lovely inside and the food is just as amazing. They have sooo many options on the menu to go for which is amazing. To be fair the portions aren't the biggest but you still leave pretty full, but maybe I just thought this because the food was so yummy I didn't want it to end?! 🤷🏾‍♀️



1. Mozza

£5 any pizza before 5pm ... need I say any more? And I mean proper sized pizzas which are ridiculously tasty! I prefer Mozza to Paesano because they offer more options, it's cheaper and frankly a lot tastier. Perfect for a lunch break/date or chilled out dinner.

2. Pizza Punks

If you love loads of toppings on your pizza, then this place is for you. Unlimited toppings on any pizza for £10, use it wisely. Top Tip: unlimited toppings can go good or bad so be careful on making sure your toppings go together! You will love this place, amazing vibe and even better food.



1. Halloumi

Tapas style Greek food = YUM. Lots of options and with it being smaller portions you can try lots of things/share with friends and you're not stuck with a big plate of food that you don't like. I highly recommend the chicken gyros, lamb souvlaki and of course halloumi fries.

2. BABS (with Turkish and Levantine heritage )

I could go here every day of the week. Babs have somehow, magically made me see kebabs differently (but I mean gourmet kebabs not ones from a corner shop in town). So much flavour and what feels like authenticity in every single meal. Super cheap for what you get and again you will leave feeling like you've ate 3 meals. My personal faves are the Doner Burger and the Lamb Iskender. Definitely try it out!

And that's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed it and will hit up my recommendations!

Until next time,

D x

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