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My Favourite Creatives Making an Impact

With technology usage increasing at a faster rate in this generation than ever before, I have to admit that I’m grateful for the benefits technology has gained with its evolution. With YouTube, podcasts, Twitter & Instagram, you can connect with people who either think like you or those who teach you something new in the tap of a button. The accessibility is crazy but being able to interact, in one way or another, with people on the internet that you have never met can be quite special. Over the past 2 years, I have inevitably gravitated to watching and listening to content from Black creatives in the UK and sometimes in other parts of the world. Even though we have led completely different lives, there is a distinctive familiarity in the experiences they share and speak about. I present to you my favourite creatives making a real impact in both their own spaces and (whether they know it or not) in the lives of those who engage in their content. I hope you enjoy and join me in giving each and every one of them their flowers, as they deserve nothing less.

1. Kelechi Okafor: Host of Say Your Mind podcast, Co-Founder of Kelenchekoff Studios, Actor & Director

I began listening to Kelechi’s podcast SYM (officially known as Say Your Mind, unofficially known as Suck Your Mum) in June of this year after having it on my list of ‘must listen to ’ podcasts for some time. After listening to her most recent episode at the time, I went back to the beginning and found myself almost listening to 3-4 hours of SYM a day and now I’m on episode 111 … in 4 months, that's how engaging it is! Through a segmented structure of ‘Tarot reading’, ‘Share Your Magnificents’, ‘So You Mad’ & ‘Straw of the week/Suck Your Mum’ in each episode, Kelechi manages to help you guide your energy into being a better person, celebrating those who are doing wonderful things in this world and also making an impact and shares her views on the obscene corruption and discriminative behaviours towards marginalised communities that is demonstrated every day around the world. Kelechi is powerfully unapologetic about her truth and is actively doing what it takes to fight for herself and people who often have no-one backing their corner. I’m in awe every time I listen to an episode and thankful for finding her podcast every day. Whilst hosting an incredibly successful podcast, Kelechi also runs her own pole dancing studio in London helping Black women and non-binary people regain their self-confidence and sensuality. I pray that l make it to one of her classes one day. Kelechi has been instrumental in helping me (and undoubtedly many others) with reclaiming my identity and power as a Black woman and enabled me to find my purpose by being her truest self.

You can find SYM on all streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple podcasts and Soundcloud) every Monday!

2. The Receipts Podcast

Forget your regular degular girl chat, Tolly, Audrey and Milena invite all of their listeners in to raw, candid and extremely important discussions surrounding Black & Latina womanhood, sexuality, relationships, self-love and more, all whilst making you laugh (the kind that gives you bellyaches) every single episode. The Receipts girls have paved the path for so many other Black podcasters and they have cultivated such a beautiful friendship with each other along the way, after only meeting as co-hosts on the podcast. Their success is all down to their hard work, brilliance and authenticity. Every two weeks, they have a ‘Your Receipts’ episode which is dedicated to answering dilemmas sent in by listeners. Even though there are some wild ones, I have been able to relate to some dilemmas and benefitted so much from taking on the girls’ honest and unbiased advice. It’s like having 3 big sisters to confide in but knowing they will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Massive congratulations to the girls on their BOOK DEAL!! I can't wait to preorder and receive it next year.

Even better, you might catch them at a live show in a UK city near you in future, which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a night of laughing until you cry. The live show in Glasgow last year is something I still talk about to this day!

You can listen to The Receipts podcast exclusively on Spotify every Wednesday.

3. Black Gals Livin’ Podcast

This podcast is like my comfort blanket. I always try and listen to their new episodes first thing on a Monday morning on my commute to work and they lift my mood by 10-fold. Vic and Jas have created a fantastic outlet for those looking to explore the ‘Black experience’ from two different but similar perspectives, understanding and managing mental health issues/disorders and pop culture. Both Vic and Jas are going through a journey of managing their own personal mental health (including anxiety/and or depression) and have designed a collective safe space for many of their listeners by opening up the conversation about their situations. They are both extremely uplifting and will also make you laugh until you cry with their unfiltered and honest reactions and take on current pop culture moments. They have had an amazing number of guests on their podcast who have discussed various topics ranging from ‘being a Black therapist’, ‘starting a business’, ‘being a young homeowner’ and many more. This is only the beginning!

Catch Black Gals Livin’ every Monday on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Soundcloud).

4. Nicole Crentsil: CEO of Black Girl Fest and Big Sis

I found out about Nicole through an episode of Black Gals Livin’ and I’m forever grateful. She is a force to be reckoned with. Throughout her impressive career she has produced and created enriching safe spaces and platforms for Black girls, women and non-binary people to celebrate themselves, each other and explore creative industries. With her Co-Founder, Paula Akpan, Nicole launched the annual event ‘Black Girl Fest’ in 2017. The event incorporates workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions and a marketplace fuelled to inspire and equip those in attendance with tools needed to seek and obtain opportunities in a variety of industries. During lockdown, Nicole has been working on even more brilliant projects including the Black Girl Fest Academy and recently becoming an Angel Investor through the Ada Angels Programme in which, she is responsible for allocating five £10k investments into business owners from underrepresented communities! If you thought Nicole couldn’t get any better, she also shares her incredible interior design skills on her Instagram page giving everyone decor inspiration and I often find myself saving all of her posts to help me decorate my future home!

You’ll find Nicole on Instagram and Twitter.

5. Mikaela Loach: Med Student, Ethical and Sustainable Living Blogger

The world is in danger from climate change and unsustainable habits, so Mikaela has decided to do something about it with the power she has. As a Med student at the University of Edinburgh, Mikaela also shares her knowledge and tips on sustainable living and ethical fashion through blogging, her Instagram page and as a co-host on the YIKES podcast. This is what I mean about the power of networks … I found Mikaela through my Instagram explore page and have since learned so much from her current and previous posts about the environment in general and how I can help by changing my habits. Her impact has been recognised widely as she has recently appeared on BBC News discussing how the government is handling the climate crisis and the unique link between demanding climate justice and anti-racism that needs to be at play. We love to see it!

You can connect with Mikaela through various channels which can be found in this link. Episodes of the Yikes Podcast drop every Thursday on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


All of these women amaze me beyond words and I cannot express how much their work impacts the world. I hope you all know that your work highly appreciated and helps others (like me) find the courage to use their voice and fight for those who need it.

I can’t wait to share more Black creatives changing the game in future. I hope you enjoyed and I want you to share with me your favourite creatives by getting in touch. Remember to like, subscribe for notifications of new updates and exclusive content and connect with me on Instagram!

Until next time,

D x

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