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Getting back to normality as Covid-19 restrictions ease

So, outside is open! Well, kind of. Covid-19 restrictions are slowly but surely being eased across the UK and it’s both refreshing and a bit frightening. I'll explain why and hopefully if you're in the same headspace, you're not alone.

We're so close to a 'normal' that will be comfortable enough to live with post-pandemic but Covid hasn't left the earth yet. It also doesn't look like that will be a reality any time soon. Almost 70% of the UK population have had their first dose of a vaccine and almost 50% are fully vaccinated. Incredible efforts from scientists, healthcare workers and volunteers across the board. Restaurants, bars, cinemas and live events are open and running. For the first time, I've been able to experience an ounce of what the city of Newcastle has to offer. The streets are lively and all I keep hearing (and saying myself) is "at least restrictions are easing, I hope that's the end of lockdowns". I don't think anyone can take more time of the harshest of the restrictions we've been in and out of for the best part of a year. We feel safer meeting up with friends and family and our social lives are back in full swing. It's also EXPENSIVE!!! I don't know about you, but I don't remember spending all of this money pre-covid?! All in all, it's worth it to finally have plans that don't just involve a walk outside or being in our homes.

Cases, deaths and hospitalisations are rising again and the virus is mutating faster and faster. Of course the more people interacting again would lead to this. But it sure does begin to build up a sense of fear. You have to constantly second-guess yourself at every turn to ensure you're still keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. Even fully vaccinated people are still at risk of being infected and passing on the virus, so it's evident that it will be a long time until we ever live as carefree as we used to. If we ever get back to that. I'm even questioning hay fever symptoms, worried that it might be something else. Despite restrictions being more relaxed, everyone should still be on high alert. Considering that there are still some extremely vulnerable people in our society that will not benefit from the “outside opening back up again” it makes you understand who this government deems worthy.

It'll be a summer of mixed emotions. A summer that will set the course for the rest of the year and how we move forward with the situation. I'm feeling both much happier that things are moving forward but very anxious that we might end up in the inevitable cycle of lockdowns again. I really do hope that we get some clarity on how the government are planning to allow the population to live with Covid-19 in the long term (safely) so that we're not completely blindsided every 2 months. It doesn't help that the government are a complete shambles at the moment and the news stories coming out about the leaders resemble those of reality TV stars ..

As always thank you for tuning in to another blog post. How are you feeling about the Covid-19 situation in your country? Do you have mixed emotions like me? Let me know by connecting on Instagram. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to never miss a post and for exclusive content.

Until next time,

D x

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