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Creativity comes in many forms

Something that I didn't know a few years ago was that there are so many different ways to be creative. I know you're thinking, huh? Obviously there is. But hear me out. When I was in school, being creative meant doing well in specific subjects such as English, Art, Drama etc. and if you didn't fit into that box, you were said to not have a creative streak. I was great at drama, I loved the subject so much and used to perform in lots of plays and actually was part of a casting agency who secured me jobs as an extra for TV shows and adverts! I wanted to be an actress for the majority part of my childhood, until I realised how much I would hate the lifestyle that came with it, so that dream was quickly squashed. I also dance, which is obviously creative but it's always been something I've done for fun and in the background, so it wasn't taken seriously as a creative part of me.

In school however, as much as I liked writing, I hated 'creative writing' i.e. fictional writing and my teacher really disliked me and constantly belittled me so I inevitably ended up hating the subject. Similarly with art, my dream of being a fashion designer was also quickly obliterated when I realised (and told) that I was not a natural artist. With all of these experiences combined, I never considered myself to be creative and instead settled for the notion that I was more of an academic student who was destined to be a scientist. Back then, scientists were not thought of to be creative by nature … or so I thought.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with YouTube. I watch videos on the platform every day and will never get tired of discovering new creatives as it keeps growing. I am always so in awe at the art of filming and editing that I always toyed with the idea of creating visual content myself. When the age of social media influencing dawned on the world, I was never surprised by the money or level of influence generated from the industry as I was very aware of how much work and creative skill was involved. It wasn't until I decided to start blogging that I realised how versatile the word 'creativity' is. It can literally take on any definition you want. If you are producing something, you're being creative. The word was no longer gatekept by traditionalists who decided that you either belonged in the creative or academic boxes.

In fact, being a scientist makes me realise more than ever how wrong the assumption that scientists aren't creative is. As a researcher, you're working on a project that has never been explored before, making it absolutely imperative to be creative and think outside the box. Whether that comes from designing experiments, piecing parts of different protocols together, troubleshooting, communicating science, creativity is all around the industry. It is sad to think that the boxes we're placed in when we're younger diminished so many creative journeys for a lot of people who would've found freedom channelling their creativity. I personally think that this old fashioned narrative plays a role in why a lot of people feel 'stuck' in their current job roles or in life as they express that they haven't found their purpose or passion.

I challenge you to think outside of the box. If you wouldn’t dare call yourself creative, think of something that you can create or produce that brings you joy? Can you create a creative strategy that solves a problem? Whatever it may be, I bet you're more creative that you think!

I hope you enjoyed this week's blog post and I will definitely look to share more creative projects with you in the future. Want to see more frequent content? Head over to An Abundance of Melanin on Instagram and SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a post!

Until next time,

D x

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