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All About Wigs

This week I got sent this beautiful wig from Krystellie. I am so in love & as an avid wig wearer, I can’t wait to get more.

I started making my own wigs and wearing them about less than a year ago when I got sick of weaves and sick of paying to get weaves done lol. Weaves are basically like wigs but they’re a little more of permanent style because the ‘fake hair/extensions’ is sewn into your real hair and you can’t just whip it out when ya like. My natural hair is afro kinky in texture (here’s an example) and so I like to protect and care of my hair as much as possible. In the winter it’s super cold and my hair is more prone to breaking, and I’m also really busy, so wigs are the perfect alternative!

I’m gonna do longer blog post at a later date to talk about my hair as there’s a lot to it! This will probably be in spring time when I start wearing my natural hair out more often, so look out for that ✌🏾

Wig Details

Name: Nicole Longer Length Full Fringe Bob Full Head Wig

Colour: IB

Price: £21.99

Even though it's synthetic hair, it's so soft and honestly feels better than some human hair that I've bought before. It's really lightweight and has clips to make sure it's secure and not falling off your head lol. Definitely perfect when you want a quick different look and don't wanna break the bank!

The company also sell clip in extensions in a variety of colours and styles. Check out Krystellie's website and instagram (@krystellie) for more info.

So happy with my hair and can't wait to be collaborating with Krystellie more, they're absolutely amazing!!

Thanks for reading, until next time lovelies,

D x

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