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18 Things that I Learned in 2018!

Welcome to my last blog post of 2018! Firstly, I want to thank whoever reads my blogs, I hope you’re ready for next year, I have so much more to come!! This has been one of my best years so far but in between all the successes in the year, I have also gone through lots that has taught me a lot about myself and life. This year has forced me to grow up, make difficult decisions, be selfish and enjoy life's small moments while you can. So here it is, my learnings through this year and I can't wait to take them into the next year to be bigger and better than ever!

1. Adulting is hard - there's gonna be a point in your life that you have to grow the heck up. It will come, trust me, start now.

2. Being selfish is okay - there are just some situations that are not worth your time, effort and worry, self love is more important.

3. Some people are not meant to be a part of your life forever - It doesn't make them or you bad people, but your relationship isn't good for anyone. Similarly, some people are not worth your time, effort and worry, let them go.

4. Compromise is key - when you love someone, do things that will benefit you together and make people feel like you value their time.

5. Look after your friends - tell them and show them you love them with small acts of kindness.

6. Relationships are hard work - whether it's family, friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend, maintaining your relationships will never be easy, you will know if it's worth the effort or not.

7. Do whatever makes you happy - unless you are hurting someone, don't compromise your happiness because you fear others opinions.

8. Take care of your body - exercise, eat well and eat the damn cake. There is no right way, find your balance.

9. Be calm and rational - your reactions to a difficult situation say a lot about you. The best way to overcome things is by being calm and rational ... I'm still working on it.

10. Pride and ego are not qualities - they are ugly and get you nowhere. Let it go.

11. Organisation is essential - write it down, plan it out and then work. It will save so much time and mental breakdowns.

12. Be critical of you who and what give your time to - if something/someone isn't benefiting your life, cut it out and don't even think twice about it! There are far more pressing concerns in your life.

13. You are not your bad decisions - it's okay to cringe at crappy things you have done in the past, but there is no point in letting it define who you are now. Learn from it.

14. Budget your money and save for important things - an outfit probably isn't the most important thing you could be spending your money on (unless it's for a ball or your wedding I guess). Look out for a future blog post about how I budget!

15. Say yes to things - do things that scare you, you can survive and accomplish more than you think.

16. Also know when to say no - if you don't want to go somewhere, say no. If you don't want to do something say no.

17. Sometimes you can't find the good in people - no matter how many chances you give someone to show you their good, it never really comes. It's okay, maybe they will always just rub you the wrong way but someone else can see the good in them.

18. Hard work always pays off - do not ever stop working to achieve what you want in life, whether that's in uni, work, a relationship or a hobby. Your hard work will always be worth it. Even though your hard work might not end up in success right away, you'll get there!!

I’m so ready for 2019 & I can’t wait to work hard to make it my new favourite year. I wish you all the best for the year ahead & again I thank you all for coming on this new journey with me!

So much love, until next time,


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